Virtual Classroom: Presenter Cannot Share Screens

This Tovuti Help Article will help you resolve the "Error: Permission to access screen wasn't granted" error message.

There are two situations where this error may occur. The first is when cancelling a screen share by accident, and the second is when specific privacy settings have been configured on a Mac computer.

Reason 1: Accidentally Cancelling

The first reason why this can happen is when you accidentally cancel a screenshare before it has begun.

To resolve this, simply try to reshare your screen and select "Share".

Reason 2: MacOS Privacy Settings

If you are encountering this issue on a Mac computer, and the resolution for Reason 1 does not resolve your issue, please continue below to resolve this issue for MacOS computers.

Go to Apple menu  > System Preferences

Go to Security & Privacy

Go to the Privacy tab

Select Screen Recording, and on the App options on the right, ensure that the browser you are wanting to screen share from is Listed and Checked.

A message will appear after Checking an App that says:

"Google Chrome (Or other selected browser)" will not be able to record the contents of your screen until it is quit.

Select Quit Now to restart your Chrome browser, and then attempt to share your screen again inside of the Virtual Classroom.