User Permissions

User Permissions and how they're used in Tovuti is incredibly important to the success of your platform, and your user experience! In this article you will be able to find several in-depth articles to assist you with using User Permissions!

User Groups:

User Groups are at the core of the user permissions system and utilizing these groups to their fullest potential will greatly improve the user - and admin - experience!

Topics Covered in our User Groups Article:

  • How to Add New User groups
  • How to Add User Groups to a User

User Groups

Content Access:

WIth User Groups you can control what content is visible from one group to another, or to multiple groups.

Topics Covered in our Content Access Article:

  • Course Category
  • Course Access
  • Course Visibility Access
  • Media Library Access

Content Access

Access Levels:

You may notice that for some features Access Levels are used instead of, or used in conjuntion with, User Groups. Explaining and helping you understand how and when to use Access Levels is the subject of the below help article!

Topics Covered in our Access Levels Article:

  • What are Access Levels
  • How and when to Use them
  • When to use User Groups instead

Access Levels

Admin Permissions

When one admin is not enough, sometimes you need to add more people to your Tovuti Admin team to assist you! In the below article, we go through how to create Site Admins, and create special permissions for your Sub-Administrators to limit access!

Topics Covered in our Admin Permissions Article:

  • How to Add a Site Administrator
  • How to Setup Admin Permissioning
  • How to Make a User a Sub-Administrator

Adminstrator Permissioning

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