SSO Link Forwarding

This article will help you construct a link that is compatible with your SSO, so that after a user logs in they are redirected to the intended destination.

An example Forwarding link is as follows:

Making this Link

To use SSO Forwarding, you will need to collect several items.

  • Your Site URL
  • Your SSO ID
  • Your Destination Link

Getting your Site URL

Your Site URL is your website URL. Unless it is either your custom domain or your website. A couple examples of what this could be:


After collecting your site URL, you can collect your SSO ID.

Getting your SSO ID

This value will be either 1 if you only have a single SSO, or a different number depending on the number of SSO providers configured on your site.

This value is inputted into this link:


Getting your Destination Link

Simply this is the link to a course or any other piece of content within the Learner Portal you want to direct users to after being forwarded. This link for example could be:

Putting it Together

Simply put the pieces together to configure the forwarding link: