Subscription Plan Advanced Setup

Learn how to set up Hidden Subscription Plans

    Where your Hidden Subscription Plans will Live

    1. Go to Pages and MediaNavigation > select NewSubscription Plan Advanced Setup Image 3
    2. Enter the Title, Menu Type, and Description then click SaveSubscription Plan Advanced Setup Image 4
    3. Back in Navigation, select your new MenuSubscription Plan Advanced Setup Image 5
    4. Select New, then enter the Menu Title and select Menu Item TypeSubscription Plan Advanced Setup Image 7.1
    5. In the Popup menu find and select Subscriptions and then Single Plan ViewSubscription Plan Advanced Setup Image 7.2
    6. Back in the main screen, click on Select a Plan and choose your plan and click SaveSubscription Plan Advanced Setup Image 8
    7. The URL to access this plan will be your "Instance URL = "Navigation Alias", the Navigation Alias can be found on this screen once you have saved in the Alias field. this will look like ""Subscription Plan Advanced Setup Image 10
    8. Ensure when you are creating the Subscription Plan you wish to use that you select Yes for PrivateSubscription Plan Advanced Setup Image 9

    When you are done you can provide the link to those who need it!

    This can be used to automate the process of assigning users to specific groups, ensuring accurate tracking on where the user is coming from, and more.

    If you are still struggling with this or feel like a helping hand might be better our Managed Services might be just for you!

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