Customizing the Automatic Email within User Importer

This article will show you how to customize the User Importer Email

How do I customize the email that gets sent to users via the User Importer?

To get started, you'll need to create an Import Template by going to People > User Importer > New.  Once the template has been created, navigate over to the Email Settings tab and toggle Send Emails to Yes.


Note: Use the Placeholders next to Dynamic Email Fields to auto-populate user information such as Username, First Name, Last Name, and Password.

When should this email be used?

Typically, this email should be used whenever you are importing a new batch of users into your site so they get their first password, or you are refreshing passwords en masse.

When should this email not be used?

If you don't want users to receive emails when you utilize the importer, be sure to turn it off by toggling Send Emails to No.


Situations like updating course completion or any kind of maintenance work should result in this email being turned off.  If left on, your users may be bombarded with emails if you're making several updates.