Administrator Permissioning

Follow this guide to set up unique admin permissions for your organization.

Creating the Permissions Set

Click on PeopleAdmin-Perm_1


Click on Admin PermissioningAdmin_Perm_2


Select NewAdmin_Perm_3

Fill in the Admin permissions Title, then select the Restriction type (User Specific, User Group, or Access Level)

Admin Permissioning New Screenshot 1.1

Select the User GroupsAccess Levels, or Specific Users this will apply to.

Admin Permissioning New Screenshot 2.1

In the Access Permissions list, you can select what this level of admin is able to access in the platform, such as creating courses, editing landing pages, creating certificates, etc..

Admin Permissioning New Screenshot 2

In the Editing Permissions list, select what aspects of the Admin Portal they can edit such as adding new users, editing user groups, etc.

Admin Permissioning New Screenshot 3

Select Save

Admin Permissioning New Screenshot 4

Make sure you Save before closing to avoid losing progress!

Making a User a Sub Administrator with Restrictions

Once you have the Admin Permissioning Set up and you have selected your Restriction type, grant the users you wish to affect the Sub-administrator user group as well as the other User Groups or Access Levels you have selected.

Under People User Manager select the desired User

Then on Assigned User Groups verify you have selected Sub-administrator

Admin Permissioning New Screenshot 5