Access Levels

What are Access Levels and how should they be used?

Access Levels are several User Groups lumped together under one umbrella.  Similar to User Groups, they can be used to grant visibility into specific areas like Courses, Events, Pages, and so on.  To set these levels up, you'll need to navigate to People > Access Levels > New (or click on an existing level).


Within each of these Access Levels, you can designate which User Groups will be included under the umbrella.


Note: Access levels are not assigned to users, but attained through the associations their User Groups have.

When should I use Access Levels?

Some areas of Tovuti can only have visibility controlled by Access Levels.  For example, if you're looking to limit who can see a page within your Dashboard Left Side Menu.




Or, within Events:



This allows access to be limited to User Groups that fall under that umbrella.  In other areas like Courses, you can choose between limiting visibility by User Groups or Access Levels. 

screenshot-dundermifflin-tovuti-io-administrator-index-php-1603734712460 (1)


Note: It is recommended that User Groups are used within Course Permissions, as they allow narrower control over who can view the content.  Access Levels can lead to unintended access when they contain multiple User Groups.


Tip: Access Levels used in conjunction with User Groups are a good tool for managing Permissions across multiple brands.